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Annipriya Shetty

Our most sincere member. Her efforts & determination are very much appreciated. Lost 22 kgs in 3 months. Reduced her waist by 25 cms & hips by 20 cms in the same period. She has maintained it to date

Vimal Bhosale

I joined Dr. Dixit’s weight loss program because I had put on a lot of fat around my neck, hips & abdomen. Though initially not very sure of loss of inches, the results I got in one month were simply amazing! I lost more than 3 kgs of weight, lost 6 cms of my hips, 9 cms of lower abdomen & believe me 12 cms of my upper abdomen. I am happy to fit in all of my clothes (especially the tight fit ones) which I had put aside because of my size.

Doctor’s comment: her transformation in just one month was simply great. Her determination is highly appreciated!

Yash Gandhi

Started with a height of 136.5 cms & weight of 30.5 kg . After his initial reluctance to exercise, today he is extremely active, weighs 65 kgs & is 172 cms tall. Does not like to miss his workout & wants to develop a muscular body to show off !

Rutvij Sawardekar

We are grateful to you Dr. Dixit for consulting Rutvij's Diet & Excercises. On our first visit to your clinic when Rutvij was 17 Kg and stood on your Fat Measuring Machine it showed a error, & now after 2 1/2 years Rutvij is weighing 26 Kg & having 12% Fats, which helped improve his performance a lot. He stood 2nd at an International Skating Competition held in Belgium 2009. Once again Thanks for your support.

Mrs. Radhika & Manoj Sawardekar.


The WHO defines health "A state of complete, physical, mental & social well-being & not merely absence of disease or deformity". This statement now includes ‘the ability to lead a socially & economically productive life’.

The 2005 WHO projections indicate that globally approximately 1.6 billion adults (15+ age group) were overweight & 400 million were obese. About 20 million children were overweight in the same period. By 2015, the WHO estimates that approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight & 700 million will be obese.

In 2010 India had about 100 million heart patients, that is 60% of the world’s heart patients were in India, by 2015 heart disease will replace infectious diseases as a major killer & by 2025 nearly half of India’s population will suffer from heart ailments!

Today India, with more than 60 million diabetic people is fast becoming the world’s diabetic capital. By 2025, WHO estimates that India will have 100 million diabetics.

So ladies & gentlemen it is high time that we wake up!

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